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Agility I

Agility is a fun, exciting and active sport for both dog and handler.

  • Classes are an hour long and run for 6 weeks (consult class calendar for dates of classes)


  • For dogs at least 1 year of age (or permission from an instructor, if younger)
  • Basic Obedience foundation:
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Come
    • Five second Stay
  • While most work is done on-leash or with a short leash tab, dog should be able to work safely off-leash

The focus of this class is for the dog and handler to become proficient in the basics of Agility.

  • Learning the rules of the "Agility Game"
  • How to properly and safely navigate several basic Agility obstacles
  • Building the dog's confidence in working obstacles
  • Basic handling communication techniques (both verbal and non-verbal)
  • Goal of working obstacles off-leash

Graduation Criteria:

  • Dog and handler able to safely, properly and confidently navigate all obstacles covered during class sessions
Other classes are under development. Private classes are available. If you have an interest in an advanced class or ideas for other class offerings, please contact us.
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