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Agility II

Building on the skills from Agility I, this course takes both the dog and handler to the next level.

  • Classes are an hour long and run for 6 weeks (consult class calendar for dates of classes)


  • For dogs at least 1 year of age (or permission from an instructor if younger)
  • Successful completion of Agility I and/or instructor approval

While the dog is exposed to additional obstacles, the focus of Agility II shifts to handling skills:

  • Sending into obstacles
  • Increasing speed and accuracy
  • Directional and distance handling
  • Object discrimination
  • Sequencing of obstacles into basic courses
  • Expanded non-verbal communication
  • Call-offs and direction changes
  • Handling techniques optimized for the personality of the dog

Graduation Criteria:

  • Able to run basic courses correctly and safely
  • Able to work off-leash-- keeping dog's attention and focus
  • Able to run complete course without per-obstacle reward (the reward comes at the end of the run)
  • No significant shyness or fear of any obstacle covered during class
  • Agility II may be repeated as often as desired (many stay at this level as a fun activity)
Other classes are under development. Private classes are available. If you have an interest in an advanced class or ideas for other class offerings, please contact us.
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